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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blog Earnings Report for Jan 2008

Blog Earnings Report for Jan 2008Jan 2008 has passed pretty quickly for me with two vacations and it was a rather spectacular month in regards to earnings as well. My earnings have jumped up 300% from last month earnings of $115.33 up to $343.63 in Jan 2008 as a result of more sponsored posts and blog advertising. I’m really not sure why the difference between the worst day (Saturday, Jan 12, 2008 - 2.44% of my AdSense earnings) and the best day (Sunday, Jan 13, 2008 - 3.97% of my AdSense earnings) was so immense considering that the best day followed the worst day immediately.
My previous earnings were as follows:
Nov 2007 earnings of $124.07
Oct 2007 earnings of $111.75

I’m still trying to get a little bit more diversity into my earnings with the goal that my AdSense earnings jump 50% while keeping the money earned stable. I think I will have to test a few schemes and get rid of some that do not make that much sense anymore. I have monetized my blog in 18 different ways listed below.

Here are my blog earnings for Jan 2008:

1. Earnings: $137.37
2. Google AdSense Earnings: $59.02
3. A.W.Surveys Earnings: $37.75
4. AuctionAds / ShoppingAds Earnings: $25
5. WidgetBucks Earnings: $25
6. Smorty Blog Advertising Earnings: $12
7. Buxr Earnings: $10
8. Kontera ContentLink(TM) Earnings: $10.65
9. Helium Earnings: $7.37
10. Blogsvertise Earnings: $5
11. PayPerPost Earnings: $5
12. Fusion Cash Earnings: $5
13. BidVertiser Earnings: $3.17
14. AdBrite Earnings: $0.99
15. Pheedo Feed Advertising Earnings: $0.14
16. Voxant Newsroom Earnings: $0.07
17. Earnings: $0.06
18. Hubpages Earnings: $0.04

Total Blog Earnings for Jan 2008: $343.63

I want to concentrate on direct ad sales as well because this is something that I have been neglecting for a very long time. The stats from last month showed for instance that both Evertons and John Chows direct ad sales made up 9.11% and 11.45% of their total earnings while mine remained at 0.33%.

To sum up my plans for Feb 2008:

+ Focus on direct ad sales
+ Remove AdSense Search and install a better search
+ Get rid of Feedburner Ads in Feeds
+ Try out some selected affiliate programs to diversify my income

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How was Jan 2008 for you ?


shireishou said...

Wowo congratz.. its amazing.. my adsense only earn 10$ this month T__T
I should learn from U ^^ Congratz again and nice to meet U

Reviews said...

great job thanks

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