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Sunday, January 13, 2008

FREE Wii Remote Jacket Accessory Offer

FREE Wii Remote Jacket Accessory OfferRecently a very good friend of mine told me about a mishap that involved his 8 year old son, a Wii remote and a large, expensive flat-screen LCD TV. Needless to say he wasn't happy. And it turns out he's not alone. Several people have reported problems with the Wii remotes, and as my girl friend recently got one I've also been a little concerned. Fortunately Nintendo is a great company. They have invented a rubber non-slip jacket for Wii remotes, and they're giving them away free to current owners of Wii systems.

Nintendo is now including the Wii Remote Jacket for the Wii Remotes in all new hardware being shipped. For Wii owners who purchased their systems prior to this addition, they are offering to send free Wii Remote Jackets for their existing Wii Remotes. If you would like to request a Wii Remote Jacket, please start by completing the information form on the website.

Once your Wii Remote Jacket has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email from Nintendo. After that point, it may still take another 5 to 10 days for delivery depending on your location. Please do not contact Nintendo regarding your Wii Remote Jacket order until after that time period has passed.

You can also call Nintendo customer service at 1- 866-431-8367. I'm putting my call in first thing in the morning. I just can't get the picture of a smashed widescreen TV out of my head!

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