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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blog Earnings Report for December 2007

Blog Earnings Report for December 2007This is the 3rd month my blog is monetized since it was first published in October 2007. In the first few months of the blog I wasn’t expecting any income actually because of the fewer visitors. I have started this blog with absolutely zero spending expenditure and wanted to prove the money making concept works. Looking at my earnings in just one month, I am sure that I will achieve more revenue in 2008.

Here is the quick glimpse of my past earnings:
Nov 2007 earnings of $124.07
Oct 2007 earnings of $111.75

Blog Earnings Report for December 2007: $115.33

Google AdSense Earnings: $27.34
Kontera ContentLink(TM)Earnings: $6.39
BidVertiser Earnings: $2.60
Smorty Blog Advertising Earnings: $30 Earnings: $39
Blogsvertise Earnings: $10

As you can see I just started experimenting AdBrite today and was happy to learn that I can use AdSense, Kontera and AdBrite all three of them simultaneously on the same page without any conflicts or violation of each others terms of service. I have earned decent amount from AdSense on my blog in my first month and I am expecting crossing the $100 AdSense limit in the next month or so.

My Blog has been visited 5000 times with a very good page visit (I can't disclose the page views due to the contract with the advertisers).

Referring sites have contributed 10% to my traffic while search engines have given 90% traffic.

For a new blog social networking sources seems the best way to start driving traffic.

The best traffic source is Digg for now. I will be spending some time to having free organic traffic from HubPages next month and experiment if it gives better results compared to Digg.

Thanks to all supporters and followers.


Tapan said...

Congrats. I knew only of Google adsense. I will look into the other ones you mentioned here.


Mr. Geld said...

90% SE visits. If you hadn't build your blog with, you would probably have had more visitors from the SE's!

Anyhow, a nice accomplishment!

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