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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Earn free travel by playing games on Live Club

Earn free travel by playing games on Live Club<br />I stumbled on Live Club strictly by accident, but the bottom line is, you can play various games (word search, etc). And earn tickets that will allow you to convert to up to 2,500 miles at a time on the following airlines: Alaska, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Midwest, and US Airways. Take note that the airline awards have different ticket values--you get more miles per ticket at the 2,500 level than the other levels. (If you only redeemed 100 miles, by the time you used the same amount of tickets that you could have used for 2,500 miles, you would only have 1,700 miles.) I wonder how long the airline rewards will last, and if there may be a ticket devaluation down the line.

There are other prizes too (all microsoft products listed at the end of this post), but I thought this was interesting. In any event, this could be a way to earn a free ticket without ever getting on a plane.

1) People have earned 21,000 tickets in a week. I am curently up to about 3500 points, and have played off and on the past week.

2) Flexicon is the game that awards the most tickets in 1 game (25), and it actually goes pretty quickly. Every once in a while there will be something that stumps me and I will have to go away and come back. I would not call it hard. You also have clues and can always go to google if the particular one doesn't have a clue. Also, it's fun if you like that kinda thing (I do). They seem to add new puzzles daily, but I have worked all the puzzles currently available and had to wait until the next day (or whenever I got to it) to play again. I have played some of the others, they are okay, just not as rewarding. Flexicon seems like the best--good ticket value, enjoyable, and slightly intellectual.

3) I found the easiest (and mindless) way to get points is via 'Chicktionary'. I type the letters into an anagram dictionary like this one: and it gives me the answers. There is no time limit for this game. I get the max of 20 tickets every game. A game lasts me aprox 3 minutes. Hint: You can use your keyboard to type the solutions rather than clicking on the chickens

Here is the complete list of prizes that you can grab for free by playing for a week:

FREE tickets to charity: 1 - 30000
FREE 1 Ring Tone: 105 Tickets
FREE 1 Song Download: 105 Tickets
FREE Emoticons: 105 Tickets
FREE 100 Frequent Flyer Miles: 250 Tickets
FREE Playing Cards: 350 Tickets
FREE 5 Song Downloads: 525 Tickets
FREE Mugs: 700 Tickets
FREE Journal & Pen: 895 Tickets
FREE 10 Song Downloads: 950 Tickets
FREE Magazines: 995 Tickets
FREE 500 Frequent Flyer Miles: 1000 Tickets
FREE Hats: 1100 Tickets
FREE Mens T-Shrits: 1100 Tickets
FREE Womens T-Shirts: 1100 Tickets
FREE Faceplate for Xbox 360: 1400 Tickets
FREE Sport Earbuds: 1450 Tickets
FREE Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset: 1500 Tickets
FREE 1000 Frequent Flyer Miles: 1800 Tickets
FREE Zoo Tycoon 2: Zookeeper Collection for Windows: 1800 Tickets
FREE 20 Music Downloads: 1850 Tickets
FREE Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Traveller: 1900 Tickets
FREE Zune Leather Case - Black: 1900 Tickets
FREE Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 Web Camera: 2000 Tickets
FREE 1 Two-General Admission Movie Pass: 2250 Tickets
FREE Kameo Elements of Power for Xbox 360 (DVD): 2500 Tickets
FREE Microsoft Fable Platinum for Xbox (DVD): 2500 Tickets
FREE Microsoft Project Gotham Racing 3 for Xbox 360: 2500 Tickets
FREE Xbox 360 Wireless Common Controller - Windows/USB: 2500 Tickets
FREE Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 USB Headset: 2700 Tickets
FREE Flight Simulator X Deluxe (DVD): 3250 Tickets
FREE Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Web Camera: 3800 Tickets
FREE 2500 Frequent Flyer Miles: 4300 Tickets
FREE Wireless Bluetooth Optical Desktop Elite: 5000 Tickets
FREE Microsoft Vista Home Premium: 20000 Tickets
FREE Microsoft Zune: 20000 Tickets
FREE iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot: 25000 Tickets
FREE Microsoft Office Standard 2007: 25000 Tickets
FREE Samsung Widescreen DVD Camcorder: 30000 Tickets
FREE Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro: 35000 Tickets

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