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Monday, January 7, 2008

$3 per article from Helium

What a way to start the year: Three months (and a bit) of opportunity to earn extra rewards while you build your writing reputation and portfolio on Helium.

From January 7 through April 14, 2008, Helium will reward all its starred writers with bonus payments for each new article they publish on Helium. Qualifying members can earn big money on Tax Day, April 15.

It’s simple: As a starred member, you can earn a bonus payment for every article submitted. And the rewards increase based on your number of stars. A one-writing-star member can earn $1 for every article submitted until April 14. A five-writing-star member can earn $3 for every article submitted.

At least one writing star
And because all our members need to rate, a minimum of three rating stars by the end of the program
Your Helium account information filled out with full name, postal address and phone number

How it works
No stars yet? Don’t let that stop you – in fact, the Write & Rate Reward-athon is the perfect time to earn your way to stardom!

But wait: The Reward-athon gets better. Earn additional stars during the course of the promotion, and all articles submitted in permitted channels will earn the maximum reward based on your total number of stars on April 14! So aim high.

Here’s the full scoop. On April 15, as long as you have at least three rating stars, the rewards are:

1 writing star = $1 per article submitted between Jan. 7 and April 14
2 writing stars = $1.50 per article submitted between Jan. 7 and April 14
3 writing stars = $2 per article submitted between Jan. 7 and April 14
4 writing stars = $2.50 per article submitted between Jan. 7 and April 14
5 writing stars = $3 per article submitted between Jan. 7 and April 14

Be sure to keep tabs on your Reward-athon earnings. The Reward-athon earnings will be updated in your “Adjustments” line item on your Earnings & Payments page, showing up as a lump sum along with earnings from contests and Marketplace. We recommend that you keep records of the adjustments from contests and Marketplace on the site since you will be able to receive those earnings once they reach the $25 threshold. While your Reward-athon adjustments will appear in your “Account Balance,” you will not be paid for Reward-athon earnings until April 15.

Still not sure how this will work in your favor? Let’s say you’re a new member to Helium and you decide to write one article per day, seven days a week. And it goes without saying that you’re busy rating. In one month, you’ll have about 30 articles. By the end of the first month, depending on how good your articles are, you may have two writing stars and two rating stars. You’ll have no earnings since you did not meet the three-star requirement. Fast-forward to April 15. Now you’ve earned yourself four writing stars and four rating stars. You’ve met the three-star rating requirement, and for 90 articles at the four-star reward rate of $2.50, you’ve earned yourself $225. Not bad for one article a day, huh?

Remember it pays to pick your topics well. Choose topics you think a lot of people will want to read about, and this way you'll make more money from your articles on Helium. The only drawback is that you can only be paid by Helium via your PayPal account - they don't offer other options.

Get writing. Get rating. And good luck!


Anonymous said...

Helium is a scam. Look at Helium Sucks website. Now, Helium is stealing money from writers who don't have a rating star. They changed the user agreement too many times. They are the biggest scam online. Everyone beware! Do not sign up for this site!

Anonymous said...

I have heard that some of the Helium writers made more than $1000 in Rewardathon. That's not bad!
Do you know how much Helium had to pay in total rewards? It must have been a pretty big amount.


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