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Saturday, January 26, 2008

FREE Advertising on or ?

FREE Advertising on or ?Entrecard is the latest blog traffic solution conceived by Graham Langdon, 22-year old Internet Entrepreneur and self proclaimed “idea guy”. It was officially launched at the Blog World Expo two months after Blogrush was introduced.

So far, using Entrecard for less than 3 days has increased my blog traffic by 10%.

You can now advertise on sites like or for FREE using Entrecard. Before you will be able to advertise to other blogs that installed Entrecard like or, you will need to earn enough credit and must get the approval of the owner of these blogs.

Let’s take as an example. As of today, Jan. 26, 2008, you will need 186 credits in order to advertise at Once you have earned enough credit, you can submit your bid for an advertisement at If Darren approves your bid, your Entrecard will start to show up at Problogger depending on your schedule. Sometimes, there are alot of advertisers that you will have to wait for several days before you get your turn.

You can earn Entrecard credit by any of the following:

1. Visit other blogs that have installed Entrecard on them and drop your own card by clicking on the “Drop Yours” button.
2. Accept advertisements from other Entrecard users.
3. Or simply just wait for other Entrecard users to drop their cards on your blog.

Here’s a list of some simple and practical tips when using Entrecard.

1. Make sure to place your Entrecard in a strategic location on your blog.
2. Create your own 125×125 Banner (Business Card).
3. Use unique, catchy and well-designed banners.
4. Visit other Entrecard users and drop your card.
5. Use credits earned to advertise on blogs related to yours.
6. Accept advertisement offers from other blogs but make sure you check them first.

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