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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tollgate to web traffic that makes $1000 per month

If you own a website and want to make money then AdToll is your answer!

AdToll provides the ability for you to sell ads on your site and make money.

AdToll offers you the ability to setup multiple Ad Groups for your site in a variety of media formats (text and banner ads).

You can sell ads on your site for whatever price you wish but keep in mind the cheaper the more attractive it is to potential advertisers. Prices do vary based on certain factors including the number of pageviews your site gets and the average number of clicks on ads. If you are unsure start low then as your Ad Pool fills make it more expensive.

AdToll will pay you a 75% commission on all ads sold on your site. For example if you sell an ad for $100, you will earn $75. The other $25 is kept by AdToll for providing the service, maintenance, support, marketing etc...

AdToll Affiliate Program allows you to refer customers and earn commissions as follows:

20% commission on profit made from Advertisers (90 day period)
10% commission on profit made from Publishers (365 day period)

Affiliate commissions will appear in your earnings report when Ad Bookings complete.

Click here to join AdToll now and start making $1000 per month.

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