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Monday, January 21, 2008

How to avoid losing Bidvertiser referrals in FireFox

How to avoid losing Bidvertiser referrals in FireFox
Bidvertiser is a good monetizing option for make money online blogs. Recently, I noticed a lot of traffic going to Bidvertiser signup page but strangely no referral at all. I suspected that I was not being credited for referrals taking place.

When I visited the referral page using Internet Explorer, I could see on the signup page, [Ref_PID=myref_id] but when I used the Firefox browser, it showed [Ref_PID=none]!

After some research on the net, I came across a solution. To make sure your referral id shows up in Firefox, at the end of your referral hoplink, add ‘&type=nohop’. eg

Instead of =>

Use =>


Below is an example of inline ad from BidVertiser that can be easily integrated into your RSS feed. This gives you a huge benefit over AdSense, that currently does not allow inserted ads into your blogs. (Lean how to hack AdSense to display Ads embedded in your posts.)

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