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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Add Kontera ContentLinks to your website and increase your revenue stream

Kontera's in-text ads draw clicks that pay cash. Kontera ContentLink can be a nice source of additional revenue along with Adsense and other advertising programs you use, without taking any extra space on your web page.

You don’t have to worry about violating AdSense TOS. Kontera is compatible with Google AdSense, as AdSense now allows other contextual ads on the same page as long as they do not look the same as AdSense ads.

Here are some important tips on implementing Kontera to earn additional revenue from your Blog

1. Click here to sign-up for Kontera. After getting accepted by Kontera all you have to do is to insert their code on all pages of your site (right before the closing < /body> HTML tag)

2. To increase your CTR (Click Through Rate), you may want to change your Kontera’s link color to match your site’s link color.
var dc_AdLinkColor="#2277dd";

3. To control the placement of ContentLink ads on your web page you will need to use DIV tags.
< div class=KonaBody>Text you want the ContentLink ads to appear on < /div>

4. You can also restrict ContentLink ads on certain areas, use the following Span filter tags
< span name=KonaFilter>Text you don't want ContentLink ads to appear on

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