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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Improvements to the Voxant Player

Improvements to the Voxant PlayerBased on feedback Voxant received from members of Voxant network regarding the loading time of our players, they’ve made some changes to custom feeds.

Improved February Payment Rates
In the ongoing effort to create the highest quality network possible, they’re making changes to the payment rates for distributors.

From now on, the rates will be tied more closely to market conditions. Each and every month we need to use the NewsFlash and the Voxant Forum to get to know what the rates will be for that month. If you have questions about this new system, see the forum.

For the month of February, 2008, the rates will be:

CPM on your site

Video Feed $3.00
Video Story $3.00
Text Story $1.00
Image $1.00
Slide Show $1.00

CPM On referred Site

Video Feed $1.50
Video Story $1.50
Text Story $0.50
Image $0.50
Slide Show $0.50

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