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Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to get more tasks approved with Blogsvertise

Blog Ads
In order to get more paid posts and increase your Blogsvertise revenue, you have to advertise about you blog by adding a full description about you and your blogs

- Describe what your blogs are about.
- Who your typical audience is.
- what themes you like to write about.
- Your hobbies, interests, career, etc..

This detailed information will be presented to the advertisers when they select blogs for advertising on. Blogsvertise also features these blogs through out the public website for those bloggers who have uploaded their photo as Blogsvertise Blogger Profile.

Some quick tips on getting your tasks approved:

1. Make sure you read the advertiser's instructions (Please!) and try to accomodate their anchor text requests as best you can. This is VERY important to the advertisers and it means return customers and more tasks for everyone!

2. Make sure you submit the Permanent URL for your blog entry instead of the main URL.

3. Make sure you point the URLs to the right place. Many times lately we have been providing the whole hyperlink with anchor text exactly as it should appear in your task's instructions.

For more tasks:

1. Work, work, work on your blog and network with other bloggers to increase your blog's popularity. Trade links with other bloggers, too.

2. Make new blogs for popular categories; travel, shopping, technology, general.

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