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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Avoid SpeedyAds

Avoid SpeedyAdsAccording to Entireweb, SpeedyAds is a non-invasive, non-annoying, low-cost way of getting your site in front of thousands of people, to announce new projects or boost traffic to your sites. This unique ad system allows you to advertise as normal, by adding funds to your account via secure money transfer by and/or put a specific ad-code on your own webpages to show ads from this system on your pages and earn credits/funds to your account for free!

I am using SpeedyAds and I am totally disappointed with their service and quality of the Ads. I have spent nearly $25 but yet I am not getting any views/impressions. I am not talking about CTR here, I am talking just plain views.

Their ad has been running on my blog for couple of weeks and I have had 8 Ad impressions for keywords like finance, monetization, insurance, mesothelioma lawyers, etc. Can you believe it? I have written them several emails asking for explanations and soon I will start bloging about them.

Are they really an advertising company?

Moreover I also read that they are not compatible with Google AdSense.

Take my advise and remove the SpeedyAds from your blog.

They dont even have a referral program.

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