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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

AuctionAds moves to ShoppingAds!

Monetize your site with live merchant listings from ShoppingAds

ShoppingAds now offers $25 for new sign ups as a publisher. On top of that you earn a bonus 5% of all revenue generated by referrals for the 6 months. You will get paid the first of every month via Paypal.

Try ShoppingAds and get started with free 25$ bonus now!! If you were existing AuctionAds published, login to your account and verify that your earnings are transferred from AuctionAds to ShoppingAds.

ShoppingAds allows you to make money by displaying relevant merchant ads on your website.

When your visitors click on the ads you can make money on a CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition) basis.

You simply tell the relevant keywords of merchant ads you want displayed and ShoppingAds will display a matching ad.

ShoppingAds is not a contextually based ad product and is compatible with all other ad systems

You will be paid for every valid click on the ads you display.

ShoppingAds sends out payments the first of every month via PayPal. The payment is for all revenue generated the previous month. There is a $50 minimum for earnings.

1 comment:

David Parkinson said...

If you’re already a ShoppingAds user, or considering becoming one, you should check out emptyspaceads - turn your website's empty space into cash (a product I left my full-time job at Microsoft to build), which allows you to put ShoppingAds units in your website’s empty space. After all, when was the last time you made any money from your site’s empty space? Better yet, you don’t have to give up any existing ad units to run emptyspaceads. Keep what works!

We hope to add more ad networks soon! You can also create your own TextAds, ImageAds, and even HTMLAds. I invite you to try it out and send your honestly brutal feedback. Thanks!

-David Parkinson, emptyspaceads founder

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