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Sunday, January 6, 2008

How to make money from Bloggertizer ?

How to make money from Bloggertizer ?How to make money from Bloggertizer ? List all your blog(s) on Bloggertizer so interested advertisers can contact you.

Create your account
It's quick, easy and FREE! Just complete and submit the registration form.

Confirm your registration
Follow the instructions in the confirmation email sent by Bloggertizer. The email comes from webmaster@bloggertizer.comNewsletter Editor. Make sure you don't filter it as spam!

Add your blog(s)
Log in and click the 'add a blog' link. Adding a blog is easy: just enter the blog name, url, a brief description, and tags that describe your blog's focus. Make sure you read the rules for bloggers. If you fail to follow the rules, you blog will be de-listed!

Receive offers
Once your blog is submitted, it's indexed and available to advertisers. Initial contact is easily made through your Bloggertizer's private messaging system.

Negotiate terms
Once an advertiser contacts you, the two of you work out the terms, to include such things as length, fee, review process, method of payment, posting date, and more.

Report back to Bloggertizer
Once the deal is concluded, make sure you log into Bloggertizer and rate the advertiser you worked with. Transaction ratings help Bloggertizer members easily identify the best people.

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