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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Make Money by adding Feeds from Voxant Newsroom

Who does not want fresh content for their blog readers? One easy way is to add news feeds from Voxant Newsroom to your site. Each time the news embedded from Voxant's Newsroom is viewed on your site, you earn a guaranteed CPM (cost per thousand impression). You also earn money when someone embeds content from your site and it is in turn viewed on their site. In order to get the emebing code, simply click on embed button and you should be able to get the code to copy and paste on your site. If you have any problem, let me know.

Note that there are 4 critical ingredients you need to consider before any significant amounts of money can be made from Voxant Newsroom channel:

1. High traffic
2. Sites with relevant themes to match the Newsroom’s content
3. To force feed or not to force feed
4. Visitors who would choose to embed the news from your site

The Voxant Newsroom incentive rewards program, NewsPERKS gives you even more reasons to embed Voxant's content to your site. Now, you earn points for impressions you generate. Redeem those points for great prizes like FREE iPod, FREE Nintendo Wii Package, etc.

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