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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Make Blogging Dollars on Autopilot

Make Blogging Dollars on Autopilot
If you're Blogger, you know that researching, writing and announcing a blog every day takes time and dedication.

Writing two is an even bigger challenge. Maintaining three or more, a full time job.

The problem is, as soon as you stop posting fresh, relevant content, your traffic will start to drop off.

To keep your traffic up, you've got to keep posting fresh content to your blogs.

The 3 Ways to maintain traffic to you blogs:

1. Spend countless hours researching, writing, publishing, and pinging all your blogs yourself every day.

2. You can hire an expensive web designer or hire your own research, writing and publishing staff to fill your blogs with readable, relevant content and announce it to all the blog directories.

3. You can buy a tool that automates those tasks for you.

I will be providing details on a FREE tool that you can use to automate creating blog posts of your topic for you.

The tool I use for this is Google alerts. You need to create Google alerts for the topic of your Blog. Blogger allows you to post to your blog using an email address.
Just set the email address in your Blogger profile and define the Google alerts to deliver the alerts to this email address. You will get a verification mail as soon as you create a Google alert. Simply click the verification link from your Blog post (created by Google alert) and you should be all set to receive the alerts on a defined interval. You can delete the verification posts, just to avoid confusion to your readers. From then onwards you should be all set to receive automated posts using Google alerts. I have used this technique on experimental basis on my blog here, and have added all monetization techniques - AdBrite, AdSense, Kontera, Ads-Click to this Blog to make more money from the FREE posts.

I have used the top 10 keywords as an experiment -
Skin care and skin treatment
Paris Hilton
Britney Spears
Anna Nicole Smith
Club Penguin
American Idol

I will post details in my monthy earnings report about the progress on this initiative. Stay tuned.

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