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Monday, January 21, 2008

Changes to AdSense Referrals Programs

Changes to AdSense Referrals Programs1. All publishers may now participate in AdSense referrals regardless of their own location. Now you’ll only earn commission if those you refer come from North America, Latin America and Japan.

2. The commission paid will be $100 when the publisher you refer makes $100 in their first 180 days
(there is no more $5 or $250 payments and no more $2000 bonus)

3. There have been some publishers who can’t see any referral earnings in their reports - this is a glitch and will be fixed

4. Publishers using the ‘Google Pack’ referral program will only earn $1 per referral (previously it was $2) as of the third week of February

5. Publishers using the Firefox referrals program to China will see reductions in payments
(this won’t impact anyone you refer who is from outside of China).

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