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Monday, January 28, 2008

FREE Credit Report

FREE Credit Report
According to a 2007 Javelin Identity Fraud Report, identity theft cost U.S. businesses and consumers $88.6 billion in 2007. Looking for a safe way to stay away from the millions of identity thieves on the internet, then get yourself guarded with the Debix immediately. This will only cost you $89 for one year subscription plus another 30 days, freee! Isn’t that great?

Now, how does it work? Simple, you just need to check out the Debix Promotion Code through its website, and enroll from there. Don’t be alarmed if what you will open is Loud Siren web page because you are not misinformed. LoudSiren is the consumer-direct partner of Debix that manages to distribute Debix Promo Code to its site, bank, and business channels.

When you get yourself with the Debix Promo Code right now, you will surely be secured with its professional service.

1. You enroll; they provide you with up to three personal and confidential telephone numbers.

2. These numbers will be contacted or alarmed each time your information is given out.

3. This will be forwarded to Debix Identity Protection, where you will then be called to validate the said information and as well as the loan you are making.

4. If it is valid, you confirm and if not, the thief is bagged. Easy!

Remember to enter the Promo Code "Debix" on the enrollment page on

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