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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008: Blogging goals to make money

2008 Blogging Goals to make money
Ghostrider30 is a new blog, and I am a new blogger. This whole world is a new learning experience for me, like kindergarten in school. And just like any student, a blogger must set his/her goals.

Here are some goals for myself and my blog, Personal Finance Management and Planning, for the year 2008.

1. Transfer to a new host and set up Wordpress
2. Create my own banner by the end of February
3. Create my own template by the end of 2008
4. Obtain 1000 RSS subscribers within the next 6 months
5. Achieve top #1 position in at least 10 blogger directories
6. Keep those subscribers for the rest of the year
7. Acquire 10000 page views a week
8. By Dec 2008, make $1000 a day from sponsored posts/affiliates/programs
9. Receive one trackback link per blog entry written
10. Reach 1000 posts in next 3 months
11. Enter the Alexa Top 10,000
12. Get very involved in social networking sites
13. Reach in the Technorati Top 1000 Blogs list
14. Create a major link bait and get featured on all social bookmarking sites
15. Start a program to get guest bloggers write for my blog.
16. Visit more blogs and learn best practices from them.

I feel these goals are all very obtainable by the end of 2008. To reach these goals, I will strive to reach the user-base out there. More info will be published, and it will be information that will help you to be successful. I will put homework on hold and put the blog first if it comes down to it. These goals are something I want… something I really, really want. And if you are setting goals, you should really, really want it as well.

If these goals are all met, I will expand upon them, making them larger and harder on myself, but that is what I want.

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