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Monday, January 21, 2008

How to prevent Digg login blank page

How to prevent Digg login blank pageNow and then, I get a blank page while trying to login to Don’t know whether it’s my ISP fault or Digg blocking my login but I found a way to get back Digg’s login screen. Using a proxy server is okay, but the Digg people may think you are cloaking your IP, not really recommended, unless you have been banned and your IP addressed has been banned as well.

Here are some ways to get around the blank digg login page.

1. Try clearing your temporary Internet files, make sure to delete cookies as well.
The bad part about deleting all cookies, is that the previous sessions to other forums and blogs will be deleted as well and you will have to relogin, hope you did not forget the password..:)

2. Maybe the simplest way to fix a bad browser cache, is to download a different browser and try from there. Try FireFox if you using IE, and if you using FF, just open your IE.

3. If the problem still persist try disconecting your modem to get a new ISP connection session, at times ISP does not realease connection session, so may have to wait 24 hours to 3 days, or try to connect from a different computer.

4. If all fails, and I want to be a Digger that bad, go anonymous proxy - new user id: undercover-digger..:) You can visit for a list of proxies to try.

IP Port Type Country 80 transparent United States

I tried this and another one from Denmark and it work well too., port:8080.

To use the above proxy server, goto Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Local Area Connection Settings and paste the above IP and Port into the Proxy Server section.

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