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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wordpress plugins to bring in some money

Wordpress plugins to bring in some moneyWhile checking out some other internet marketing blogs, I came across a post talking about someone using a wordpress plug-in called "Link-A-Dink" to sell links on their blog. Pretty sweet use of that plugin!

After reading it, I got thinking about other plugins and how they could be used creatively to make money from.

Here’s a challenge to all my 500 readers here to share your own ideas on how to use various Wordpress plugins to make money online. Just feel free to post your Wordpress plugin ideas to make money online as comments to this post.

Here’s my entry of an exciting new plugin:

Plugin: Add Signature


Description: Just like the name says. Adds signature to the end of your blog posts.

Monetize: Sell your signature!

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