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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Increase Your Reputation - Earn 200% - 500% More per Review!!!

Increase Your Reputation - Earn 200% - 500% More per Review!!! As most of you know, SponsoredReviews allows advertisers to rate their completed reviews. Did you also know that bloggers with good reputations can earn more money per review?

As a matter of fact, bloggers who have a good reputation for writing quality reviews earn 300% to 500% more per review.

If you want to earn the most money for the least amount of work, the best thing you can do is increase your reputation.

How do I increase my reputation?

1. Follow the Rules - Bloggers who follow the rules get the least amount of complaints and get the most positive ratings.
2. Read Advertiser's Requirements Closely - if you do not follow the advertisers requirements, they will give you poor ratings.
3. Go the Extra Mile - Whether you are charging $5 per review or $500, you better be able to justify the cost by writing a quality review.

Quality Reviews contain the following:

1. Proper Grammar and Correct Spelling
2. Images, Screenshots and Logos - Even if you are only charging $5-$10 for a review, you should take the time to include an image or screenshot of the advertisers logo or website. This is sure to get positive votes from advertisers as it makes your post look a million times better.
3. Links That Stand Out! - You should always make sure that the advertiser's links stand out from the rest of your text. If your visitors cannot see the links, they cannot click on them. This turns advertisers off. Use a link color that contrasts from your text, Bright Blue and Bold Black are two good choices
4. Be Professional

The Easiest Way to Get a Negative Reputation is:

1. Remove Completed Reviews from Your Blog - Advertisers hate to see their reviews get deleted, and they will rate you poorly for it. Plus it is against our rules !
2. Not Following the Rules

How do I know what my reputation is?

SponsoredReviews is currently not displaying the reputation, but plan to shortly. However, they do make sure that all ratings by advertisers are fair and accurate.

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