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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is Advertlets another Scam ?

Is Advertlets another Scam ?
I was surprised earlier after I had posted my post about YouTube Video Downloads on one of my blogs, when it was automatically redirected to another site, the landing page looks like a scam.

I was really surprised and thought that my site was hacked, but upon checking the URL of the site where my blog is redirected, part of which contains the following code:

It made me realized that it is my advertlets ads that is causing the unexpected redirection. I then immediately removed the code that was related to advertlets and my blogs are now back to normal.

Upon checking the advertlets site (, I was surprise to see that advertlets’ domain is already expired since January 03, 2008.

I’m just wondering, what happened to Advertlets? hacked? or Advertlets is another scam? If their domain is really expired, that would even made the ’scam’ suspicion stronger, since as a blogger and owner of several domains, the expiration of each domain I maintain is one of the things that I will never overlook.

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