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Sunday, January 27, 2008

More FREE Samples

More FREE SamplesHow many junk e-mail addresses do you have?

Unfortunately, no free razors to be found today.

First stop, free samples at Wal-mart.

Currently available deals: (refresh page to get new deals!!)

1. South Beach granola snacks
2. Dove Shampoo
3. Head and Shoulders shampoo
4. Friskies dry cat food
5. "Intimately Beckham" cologne/perfume

Remember one FREE sample per junk email address.

Second stop in the Slickdeals Freebies area:

1. Free 8-week membership to Bally fitness.
(Be prepared to deal with the usual gym hard-sell)
2. Free Jamba Juice smoothie if you are a 24hour Fitness member.
3. 5 free music downloads from Rhapsody
(Are they any good?)

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