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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blog Income Report for Mar 2008

Blog Income Report for Mar 2008Another month has passed pretty quickly and it is time to report my earnings.

For my past earnings, here are the links:
Feb 2008 earnings of $320.30
Jan 2008 earnings of $343.63
Dec 2007 earnings of $115.33
Nov 2007 earnings of $124.07
Oct 2007 earnings of $111.75

I’m still trying to get a little bit more diversity into my earnings with the goal that my AdSense earnings jump 50% while keeping the money earned stable. I think I will have to test a few schemes and get rid of some that do not make that much sense anymore. I have monetized my blog in 19 different ways listed below.

So lets get down to the figures of this month!

Here is my blog income report for Mar 2008:

1. Earnings: $15
2. Google AdSense Earnings: $103.86
3. A.W.Surveys Earnings: $47
4. AuctionAds / ShoppingAds Earnings: $25
5. WidgetBucks Earnings: $25
6. Smorty Blog Advertising Earnings: $0
7. Buxr Earnings: $10
8. Kontera ContentLink(TM) Earnings: $28.80
9. Helium Earnings: $9.53
10. Blogsvertise Earnings: $4
11. PayPerPost Earnings: $5
12. Fusion Cash Earnings: $5
13. BidVertiser Earnings: $3.78
14. AdBrite Earnings: $1.08
15. Pheedo Feed Advertising Earnings: $0.22
16. Voxant Newsroom Earnings: $0.13
17. Earnings: $0.1
18. Hubpages Earnings: $0.04
19. Valued Opinions Earnings: $13

Total Blog Income Report for Mar 2008: $296.54

As mentioned earlier I want to concentrate on direct ad sales as well because this is something that I have been neglecting for a very long time. The stats from last month showed for instance that both Evertons and John Chows direct ad sales made up 9.11% and 11.45% of their total earnings while mine remained at 0.33%.

To sum up my plans for Apr 2008:

+ Focus on direct ad sales
+ Remove AdSense Search and install a better search
+ Get rid of Feedburner Ads in Feeds
+ Try out some selected affiliate programs to diversify my income
+ Add Bloggerwave blogging platform to my monetization list. Bloggerwave is aiming to be Europe's biggest advertsing media on blogs.

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How was Mar 2008 for you ? May the next month be more profitable for everyone of you out there as well!

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