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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Resources and Natual photography at Fading Words

Resources and Natual photography at Fading WordsThis is my second post in Smorty Post Exchange Program and today's blog post is on Fading Words This is a personal blog created and managed by Alex. The blog focuses on authors thoughts, photography, and random things in life.

The website also provides resources and layouts for visitors to use. This is a good start for visitors to admire the contents and get some ideas on layouts and using appealing graphics on the website. If you use any of the resources you must credit the author by putting a visible link back to on every page were that resource has been used. You may only use the resources, graphics, and/or coding for your own personal noncommercial use.

The blog has some exciting prizes just for setting up a link back button on your website.

-1st Prize-A free domain for one year!(.com .net or .org)
-2nd Prize-A free .info domoin for one year!

The blogger Alex, is a simple guy living in a California. He loves photography, and every single picture in the blog has an amazing story behind it, just like every person.

Pictures capture those single moments in life that we sometimes never notice and might never see. Being a student at AV College, author is trying to picture his life and sometimes himself.

Random, with a lot of things to say about everything that could come to mind.

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