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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Monetizing with Rubicon Certified Ad Space

Happy Monetizing with Rubicon Certified Ad Spacethe Rubicon Project, a company with a mission to automate the large, yet highly inefficient advertising industry, has established the Certified Ad Space program. The program was created to satisfy ad network and advertiser needs for broader exposure and access to safe, high-quality website inventory, while ensuring that campaigns reach the intended audience and content. The program features a 21-point certification checklist and ratings system that has verified more than 10 billion ads and 725 websites for more than 62 ad networks to date.

Rubicon released first-ever market research report: "2008 Online Advertising Market Report - Q1: Ad Network Landscape, Trends & Outlook."

Here's the scoop on what these things mean for your website:

The Rubicon Certified Ad Space program is our new independent verification program created to ensure your carefully segmented ad space is bringing you top dollar. The great news for you? As one of the 15% of websites we selected from our of 5000 applicants to participate in our private Beta, your site is already Rubicon Certified. Our goal is to bring your ad space greater visibility - and greater value - by touting its certification to our ad network partners every day. Read our press release about the program here.

The Q1: Ad Network Landscape, Trends & Outlook report is intended as a guide through the chaotic landscape of ad networks and revenue optimization that you face every day. We hope you might find it useful to help make smart decisions for your business.

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