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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Make Mad Cash with Rubicon Ad Network Optimizer

Make Mad Cash with Rubicon Ad Network OptimizerI am happy to report that Rubicon is now transitioning from private to public Beta. You'll see a brand new Rubicon Project next time you login - and we've even given our product a new name: Automatic.

Automatic is our Ad Network Optimizer, for which we charge 10% of revenue across all managed inventory. We're offering you a free 30-day trial of the Automatic; we also offer the Manual, our Ad Network Ad Server, where you can manage your own networks at no cost.

What makes the Automatic special? It includes an array of new features to help you Make (even more) Mad Cash from ads on your website. Some highlights:

Optimization 2.0: our smart-matching supercomputer (we call it the Mad Cash Machine) delivers algorithmic, data-backed matches to boost your eCPMs, while the Default Killer works behind the scenes to increase your fill rates. Higher CPMs and higher fill rates? Cha-ching!

Add your own ad networks: we provide introductions for you as always, but now you can bring your own networks aboard, too, if you'd like. We've simplified our user interface to deliver even more clear, easy-to-read information about Sites, Networks, and those beloved, consolidated Reports

Revenue by Site allows you to track revenue and measure performance for multiple Sites within one Rubicon Project account
There's lots more, but we won't slow you down. Turn the ignition and enjoy the new features for yourself. We're confident you'll be pleased with Automatic, the Ad Network Optimizer. Enjoy your 30-day free trial - we look forward to your continued feedback and input.

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