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Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to Check Scam Online Money-Makers?

How to Check Scam Online Money-Makers?If you're new to online money-making, perhaps you're not yet aware of those scam online programs. The internet offers a wide variety of online money-making sites, thus it is important to know which programs are legitimate and fraud.

So, how are you going to verify if the program you are joining is LEGIT?

1. Search. The first thing you should do, which I personally do, is to search the Internet thru your favorite search engine like Google or Yahoo for reviews or forums about the earning site you are planning to join. Read what other people say and think about the program. Remember: do not just rely on only one review or forum. Gather information about the program as many as possible taking in consideration the good and bad side of the program. Note that if there are people who are unsatisfied with the said program, then it is better to think twice before signing up.

2. Ask. If you are a member to a forum site, then I advise you to post a discussion asking other members for their personal experiences about the said program. As stated earlier, don’t just look at the good side. Focus more on the bad side of the program. If you think it is not worthy to join, then don’t. But if you think it is worth a try, then go for it.

3. Assess. The third and last thing you should do is to review how the site earns. If the offer sounds too good to be true, then don’t join. Just forget about it and don’t waste your time and money over something that is uncertain. Remember that the Internet is a place of online scammers, so beware. Better be aware from the start rather than regretting in the end.

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