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Friday, April 25, 2008

Northwest and Delta Airlines Post Merger Rewards

Northwest and Delta Airlines Post Merger RewardsNorthwest and Delta Airlines will be merging soon. So you want to get offers from both airlines now, before half of them disappear. Some examples that come to mind:

1. There are offers for both Northwest and Delta credit cards. One type will probably disappear.

2. American Express Membership Rewards point are convertible to Delta, but not Northwest miles. It is not known if that conversion will be available after the merger.

3. TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, and Sharebulider have an offers for Delta, but not for Northwest. The Delta offers may disappear.

4. Comerica Bank has a Northwest offer that may disappear.

5. U.S. Bank has a debit card offer for Northwest that may disappear.

6. Delta and Northwest have different partners in the Home Building section of my Finance page. Some may disappear.

7. Chase offers Delta miles for student loans, but not Northwest miles.

8. Ameriprise Auto Insurance offers Delta, but not Northwest miles for getting a quote.

9. Ameriprise Financial Advisor offers Delta, but not Northwest miles for getting a consultation.

10. More Northwest than Delta miles are offered for cell phone deals.

11. T-Mobile HotSpot offers Delta, but not Northwest miles.

12. Various shopping portals, including those of Delta and Northwest, offer different miles deals for purchases. Get the better ones now.

13. There are Delta offers for newspaper subscriptions, that are not offered by Northwest.

14. The Netflix/Delta offer is better than that for Northwest. It is not known which will survive.

15. offers Delta, but not Northwest miles.

16. Delta has a drycleaning program with and up front bonus for signing up. Northwest does not.

17. Vinesse Wine Clubs currently has a better offer for Northwest miles than for Delta miles.

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