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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top Blogs On Google Reader v/s BlogPicks
On December 25, 2007 this blog was ranked #1 on BlogPicks.Net, and today I am proud to report that my record #1 position has been retained for more than two months. This was possible only due to the support from readers like yourself.

Google made it fairly easy to determine the number of Google Reader subscribers around a particular blog. This isn’t perfect because you have to think of the blog and then do a search for the stats; so some blogs may be left off. Also, some of these stats are aggregate numbers from different feeds for the same blog.

Thats the reason I find BlogPicks directory helpful as compared with Google Reader as it gives me easy access to the stats like IP uniques and also in turn gets traffic from users surfing BlogPicks.

You can help me maintain my #1 rank by voting my blog from the BlogPicks banner on the top of this post. Thanks again for your support.

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