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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can the traffic girl speed read 1000s of Best Blogs in Minutes ? Can

Can the traffic girl speed read 1000s of Best Blogs in Minutes ? uses data from the BlogRush Network. BlogRush is a content syndication widget that's currently used by thousands of blogs (and more everyday) from all over the Web. uses technology to analyze the click-through rates of millions of blog post titles across the BlogRush Network, along with other factors such as time spent on a particular blog entry's page, and attempts to estimate the 'popularity' and 'quality' of certain posts based on similar data from other blog posts of the same topic.

If you would like for your blog's posts to appear on start by applying for a BlogRush account. BlogRush is completely free but requires each blog to meet certain quality guidelines. Every new blog is manually reviewed by a content specialist; this helps BlogRush maintain a high level of quality and stops spammers and others from trying to abuse the network.

After your blog has been approved by BlogRush (and you have followed the instructions) a special widget will appear on your blog. This widget will automatically display all of your blog post titles across the network (based on a 'credits' system of what you contribute to the network) and your posts will be eligible to appear on

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