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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kontera optimization tip to use single underlines

Kontera optimization tip to use single underlinesKontera ContentLink system is a neat monetization technique for your blog without taking any extra space on your web page. I now have a steady secondary revenue stream using Kontera.

However I don't get the same CTR from Kontera as other revenue makers like AdSense.

I found a technique where you can change your Kontera’s link from double underline to single underline.

Its very simple, but remember you must get approval from Kontera Support team before using the technique described below.

1. Add the following line to your Kontera code, just below your var DC_AdLinkColor line:

var dc_single_line = 'yes';

2. Be sure to add the ; at the end.

3. Save your changes and re-load your page and all your Kontera links will have a single underline instead of two.

Note that if you do this without written approval from Kontera, your account will be permanatly banned.

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