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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to get your post approved with PayPerPost

How to get your post approved with PayPerPostMost of you have been using PayPerPost and Kontera advertising for money making techniques on your blog. Recently I was told by some readers that their sponsored posts were declined by PayPerPost with the reason that

After the page fully loads there are pop up links to "Content links"
add's. Please deleted these from your post and re-submit.

If you want to avoid these types of negative rankings and bans for your blog with PayPerPost and still wish to continue with Kontera, here is the tip on how accomplish this using Kontera filter tags:

Filter Tags are used in order to define an area of the page where ContentLinks™ should not appear. All other areas of the page are valid mark areas. Please use these tags with caution in order to prevent a situation where large areas are filtered unintentionally.

Here’s how they work:

Like any tag it has an open tag (< span name="KonaFilter"> ) and closing tag ( < /span>).

The following is an example of how they work:

< span name="KonaFilter"> Content to be excluded from analyzing < /span>

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