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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Blog Ranked #1 on
At the moment this post is being written, my blog ranked #1 on What is BlogPicks? It is a blog listing site that enables blog owners to add their blog and get ranked based on the traffic given to the BlogPicks site.

This site is completely free and differs from others because it is very clean and user friendly. It is not covered in advertisements. As traffic starts coming in, more and more people will see your blog and visit it. All of the traffic will be genuine. It will come from visitors surfing other blogs or from search engines. They will never "buy" fake traffic.

So how exactly does BlogPicks work? Simple.
1. First you add your blog by clicking Join.
2. Once you get your linking code, place the link on your blog (somewhere people can see it).
3. The more people that click on the link, the more votes you get and the higher your blog will rise!

Please feel free to submit your blog(s) and insert your link code to your blog. If you have more than one blog, do not use the same link for all of them, instead use the Join form for each.

Generally, the blogs that are highest on the list will in turn get traffic from users surfing BlogPicks. So far, I am just lucky to be in fist rank. You can help me maintain my #1 rank by voting my blog from the BlogPicks banner above. Thanks again for your support.

1 comment:

Tapan said...

cool, congrats. there are so many of such blog advertising sites.. not sure which ones to sign up for.

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