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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Monitor FREE Internet Cameras

Monitor FREE Internet CamerasHere’s something you might find interesting. Want to know how to view networked web cameras and surveillance cameras on the web? I don’t really know how exactly these web cams got on the internet, but all I know is that you can view them (even control them). Here’s how…

Search inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode= in Google. This will search all indexed files on Google that has the text string ViewFrame?Mode= in its URL. For the results you’ll see all the Panasonic network cameras that are online. Not only can you see what the camera is seeing live, you can also pan and zoom. You can also view other types of webcams like the Axis 2400. To view these webcams on the internet, search inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis. Again, you’ll see a bunch of results in which you can see and use cameras all over the world.

This trick really serves no purpose but is just something that you can do for fun. Neat trick huh?

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