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Thursday, February 28, 2008 was a scam ? did not meet their promises and our expectations to make money with private advertising.

Although I got one advertiser in a day, now they are reluctant to pay me the money.
Its really frustrating to get a mail like this from the owner saying they have to cancel the payments. If any fellow blogger is interested in pursuing this with them to get our payments back, do send in your comments.


I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that I'm deleting
current auctions on The reason is that I'm
the site to a new owner and in transition, I have to cancel anything
might cause a payment. I'm transferring it to someone that will have
success at marketing the site which will be better for you. I'm sure he
will send you an email to advise you of the relaunch.


Tino Buntic

1 comment:

Tino said...

Hey Ghost Rider, just want to clarify... Nobody ever made any bids or any payments on any auctions that you posted. If payments were made, you would have received your money. I only cancelled any auctions that were current so that there were no mistakes made in transitioning the site to a new owner. That's hardly a scam

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