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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two $40 Coupons for Digital TV switch set for early 2009

Two $40 Coupons for Digital TV switch set for early 2009It's almost official: Starting one year from today i.e. Feb. 18, 2009, millions of televisions in American households will go black unless they're outfitted to receive all-digital broadcasts.

The word about the digital television switch-over seems to be getting out to the masses, and the Federal Government has started to accept voucher applications for the digital converter boxes you'll need on February 17, 2009 if you have an analog television set.

They will issue up to two $40 vouchers per household towards the purchase of an digital-to-analog converter.

Will you need a converter?

If you purchased a television after March 1, 2007, probably not. Federal mandate orders that sets manufactured after that date must come with digital tuners, standard.

If you subscribe to a cable or satellite service, definitely not, as your over-the-air broadcast channels are being sent via coax or fiber.

Who will need a converter?

Homes with older analog television sets, those using rabbit ears, or those without a subscription to a cable or satellite service.

For more info and the voucher application, follow this link.

What consumers will get with Digital TV?

More capacity, more channels, more content.

Technology and entertainment stay winning.

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