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Monday, February 25, 2008

A peel way ad on your blog for FREE!

A peel way ad on your blog for FREE!Just this afternoon I discovered the new free page peel banner. Basically you used to have to buy it, I found it free with instant signup/code too! If you want one, sign up here direct link :

I think it's definitely a cool new way to monetize your blog! What do you think? If it's not that new, it's new to me!! I saw John Chow post about it on Tuesday (12th Feb) and he's selling it for $37! I've got it for free!

1. Place it on the left or right upper corner
2. Open and close automaticly after X seconds
3. Speed of the small pageear could be changed
4. Flashcheck (Adobe© Flash Detection)
5. Reflecting image on corner
6. Color of the pagecorner
7. Link target on external side or own (self, new)
8. Downwardcompatibly up to Flashversion 6
9. Runs on nearly all Browser (FireFox, InternetExplorer, Opera, Safari, etc.)

It is easy to install. Just Unzip it, upload the files to your wordpress plugin directory and activate it.

Then, just edit the options, create your images to use (a 100×100 and a 500×500 jpg image), and there you have. A peel way ad on your blog for free!

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