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Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to improve Night Vision

Want to improve your natural night vision? Watch this video and you’ll learn some tips and tricks to improve your seeing in the dark.

1) In the martial art Ninjutsu, students are told in order to see better in the dark, get lower than what you are trying to see. This may work by silhouetting objects against light from the moon and stars.

2)For best vision, allow plenty of time to adjust to seeing in the dark. It typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust to dark conditions

3)Be aware that nicotine may diminish your ability to see in the dark[2]. It may be a good idea to avoid cigarettes, even second-hand smoke, when you need to see in the dark.

4)Avoid looking directly at light sources while navigating in the dark. Even if you aren't looking at them directly, light sources close to your face will diminish night vision. For example, if you are smoking, the red/orange glow in front of you provides enough light to cause your pupils to contract, therefore killing your night vision. Similarly, you will not see much if you're wearing a miner's helmet with a light or carrying a flashlight (excluding what's illuminated by the beam of light itself, of course).

5)Special Forces use the technique of squeezing their eyes shut tightly for ten seconds - once they are in the dark. While the technique can seem effective, scientific studies have not proven it works. Perhaps it's a case where the brain and belief override normal physical reactions.

6)In World War II, Soviet Specops used this technique: eating a piece of sugar some time before going out in the dark and lighting their open eyes with a red flashlight for approximately 10 seconds.

7)Different people have different levels of ability in night vision. While these techniques can help you reach your full potential, your full potential may not be as great as that of others.

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