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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Why did I flush AdBrite from my Blog ?

Why did I flush AdBrite from my Blog ?I was running Kontera ContentLink™ ads along with AdBrite and hoping to Maximize my AdBrite Income. But an email from my Kontera Account Manager had me realize that this is against the TOS of Kontera. Here is the detail from their memo. I took immediate action and got rid of AdBrite from my blog to avoid getting banned from Kontera. If you are running both AdBrite and Kontera, make sure to keep only one of them and get rid of the other because greed is not good. Good luck!

Memo follows:
I've noticed that you are running AdBrite alongside our ContentLink™ ads on

I wanted to remind you that that when you signed up to have Kontera ContentLinks™ on your site, our Terms of Service stipulated exclusivity as the in-text provider:

Exclusivity: Publisher will not use any other provider of ‘in-text’ advertising links anywhere on his web-site/s.

When analyzing a webpage, our algorithm searches to find the most relevant and highest- paying keywords. Having another In-Text Ads provider on the same page, disrupts this process, and prevents you from experiencing ContentLink's full monetary potential. Kontera has absolutely no objection to using other non In-Text ads alongside ContentLink and in fact the majority of our publishers do so.

Please remove all competitive In-Text products from, as we are not willing to have ContentLinks work in conjunction with any other In-Text providers.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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