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Sunday, March 9, 2008

How to Make Money on Leap Day

How to Make Money on Leap DayFebruary 29th, or Leap Day as it is commonly known only comes once every four years but it's a perfect opportunity to use novel ways to boost your online sales and make more money online. To jump start your imagination, I've written this article to give you 29 ways that you can tie into leap day and create special offers for your customers.

1. Sell one of your best referrals that normally costs a lot more for just $29

2. Package 29 blogging referral products together for a big discount

3. Offer a special service with a limit of 29 customers only signing up for your blog RSS feed

4. Hold a 29 hour blog sale that starts either five hours early at 7:00 pm on February 28 and runs for 24 hours through midnight on the 29th or all day on the 29th and five hours into March 1. Either way you can increase excitement by cutting your sale off at exactly 29 hours.

5. Write a blog post with 29 of your best tips about whatever topic would help your audience the most

6. Offer a 29 minute blog coaching session at a savings off your regular rate

7. Create a list of 29 highly recommended affiliate products on your blog

8. Make a list of the 29 best books you've ever read on your blog post

9. Make a list of the 29 most influential people in your niche blog

10. Make a list of the 29 best movies you've ever seen on a movie blog

11. List the 29 best blogs in your niche

12. Make a list of 29 reasons why you love your blog

13. Allow your customers to test drive your private blog guest writing for $29

14. Sell ezine ads or text links for $29 using one of my blog advertising techniques

15. Give away 29 free products with a $29 upsell offer using on your blog

16. Create a blog dime sale with a product starting at $2.99 and increasing by 29 cents every hour

17. Run a mini sale that lasts just 29 minutes and use shopping ads for that on your blog

18. Offer the first 29 minutes of an interview or tele-seminar for free with a blog contest

19. Offer a 29 page sample of your ebook with a discount on the full version for subscribing to your blog's RSS feed

20. Open up 29 spots in your blog advertising program

21. Host a giveaway or fire sale along with 28 other blog marketers

22. Auction off 29 ebooks and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity from your blog

23. Create a ebook that includes 29 really good blog posts on one particular topic

24. Write a report warning your readers of 29 mistakes to avoid in blogging

25. Answer your blog readerss 29 biggest questions and problems

26. Post a 29 minute video on your blog revealing great tips for your customers

27. Offer a contest on your blog gving free cd or dvd to 29 customers or just the cost of postage

28. Give away free ezine or blog advertising to 29 customers

29. Create a e-book with 29 motivational quotes and sell it for $2.99 on your blog

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