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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Technique to maximize AdSense Revenue with Doclix

Technique to maximize AdSense Revenue with Doclix
You may have noticed Doclix recently stopped displaying AdSense ads inside the ContextGain panel. The reason for this is that we are concerned that Google may view the ContextGain panel as a pop-up, even though it doesn’t fall under the normal definition of a pop-up. Under the AdSense Program Policies, Google does not allow ads to be placed on pop-ups or pop-unders. We therefore decided to err on the side of caution and remove the ads from the floating panel.

In order to allow you to benefit from our service while still displaying your AdSense ads and increasing your ad revenue, we have developed a new implementation that opens up the panel as a sidebar rather than a floating panel.

You can view an example here:

To switch to the sidebar implementation and have your ads shown, simply add the following line of JavaScript code to the Doclix code immediately after the line that starts with “doclix_pid=”:

doclix_show_sidebar = true;

You may continue using the floating panel implementation, but keep in mind that AdSense ads will not be shown.


Rudy said...

What exactly is Doclix? Is it an Adsense type program? I'm assuming the highlighted words are the Doclix and would like to , possibly put it on my blog,
Any info would be appreciated, as I am quite new to this.

Anonymous said...

Rudy, doclix is quite effective because you will have your adsense appear on 70% of the doclix content pages. So you have more pages to get money from while still being loyal to your visitors,

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