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Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to backup your PC or Mac online for free

How to backup your PC or Mac online for freeI found a great, hassle free way to backup important files automatically on your PC or Mac. Take a look at’s online backup service. They offer you a free 2GB account to use for life.. or at least while they still exist :). Don’t immediately click on the Get Started button on the home page. Instead go to MozyHome and sign up for the MozyHome Free. After you signup, download the mozy remote backup software and install it to your computer.

What I like about their backup software is that it can backup all your outlook and thunderbird email contacts, favourites in Firefox and IE, files that are in use, individual folders and files all automatically.

You can either choose to backup when your computer is idle or at a scheduled time everyday. Most importantly, Mozy works in the background so you never need to remember when you last backed up. You can set it and forget it.

Now Mozy is an online backup solution. Hence, a fast broadband connection is essential. Fortunately, Mozy is smart enough to copy over only files that have changed since the last backup. So the first backup may take a few hours if you have hundreds of MB to backup but subsequent incremental backups should be quite fast. If you only use Mozy to backup important documents, email contacts and some photos, 2GB should be more than enough.

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