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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where to find Free Music to listen to on the Internet

Where to find Free Music to listen to on the InternetWowee! I was so surprised to find this source of free music to listen to on the Internet that I immediately wrote this post to share with you all. Music search engines scour the web looking for music files that people have uploaded to servers. Because they don’t store the music files themselves but instead index these files and allow them to be found, music search engines are somewhat on the fringes of copyright laws. Also, the fact that you can play the music you find, create playlists that you can save and even embed music into websites using an embedded player means that it’s free music heaven for you and me. Here are 3 of the most useful free music search engines for your listening pleasure!

1. SeeqPod

SeeqPod has the best user interface in my opinion. One click on the speaker icon next to the search results adds the song to your playlist and automatically plays it. Also, the exact location of the song on the server is listed underneath the song title. Although it’s not a clickable link, it doesn’t take much imagination to download the actual file on the server. I’m assuming here that you already own the music you want to download. Yah, right …

2. Songza

Songza calls itself an internet jukebox but it’s hard to see how. It has similar options to SeeqPod like playlists, embeddable players but it’s interface is rather cumbersome. One plus feature is that you can rate the recording quality of the songs you find. Poorly rated recordings of the same song will appear lower in it’s search listings. Also, I found some songs in Songza that I could not find in SeeqPod. So, it pays to use several music search engines to find the songs you want.

3. Skreemr

Skreemr by far returned the most search results for me. It too has an embeddable player but no playlists. Details of the songs like audio format, bit rate, duration and file sizes are available. A direct link to the song on the server is also shown and you can rank the quality and reliability of the files.

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