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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Innovative Blog Monetization using Link Nerve

Innovative Blog Monetization using Link NerveBlogitive has released a new product in closed beta exclusively for Blogitive members that everyone will be excited about.

It's called Link Nerve and it makes getting paid through your blog even easier.

Link Nerve allows prospective clients to search the pages of your blog that are already indexed in search engines. When the prospect finds a term within your post that interests them, they can make an offer to you through Link Nerve to have that term linked to their website.

Unlike Blogitive, you will not be required to write new posts or create new pages, only to link terms within your existing posts/pages and get paid per link. It is ContentLink on steroids. No more extra posting. Just make your existint post pay for your hard work.

Offers are sent to you via email or can be viewed on the Link Nerve website. When you receive an offer, you can decide if you want to reject the offer or complete it, every offer has a deadline.

Blogitive will continue to operate the same as always. I hope everyone likes the Link Nerve system.

More specific details are provided when you receive an offer.

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