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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Free $199 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit Voucher toward Clicks

Free $199 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit Voucher toward ClicksWould you mind to receive free $199 credit in your Yahoo search marketing (YSM) account if you just deposit $30. I am damn sure no advertiser will mind it. Recently I came across few free YSM vouchers between $25 to $75 but then I thought why not to find something bigger and better.

$199 will be the highest YSM given credit, and I found out the link so whoever wants to take the benefit can take it and sign up for Yahoo! Search Marketing. If you want to opt for self-serve, you would get $199 toward clicks and Advertisers signing up for the Assisted Setup service will receive $199 off the $199 service charge.

Each account requires a nonrefundable $30 initial deposit and there is a minimum bid requirement of $0.10 per click-through. I will suggest to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up but anyways it will be applicable to everyone; so you want to opt for it any ways, you can go ahead.

Right now, if you observe there are vouchers of $25 free credit for your Yahoo Search Marketing program if you join them with any other affiliate link which is seen on many websites or publisher websites. But here you would get $199 in free credits which is almost 8 times of the free money buddy. Nothing like this offer right!

Update: Right now the Coupon code for $199 is not working as per the feedback from users, so we have this Yahoo! Search Marketing Coupon Code worth $75 credit to use for you.

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