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Friday, December 14, 2007

Join invitation only Google Knol to contribute knowledge and make money

Invitation to Google Knol to contribute knowledge and make moneyGoogle has opened access to its private beta invitation-only knowledge sharing service called Knol (Knol originated from Knowlegebase) that will combine parts of Wikipedia, Squidoo, Mahalo to create a new user generated authoritative online knowledgebase of everything.

Knol is offerring incentive for experts in terms of recognition, and money as well, two aspects lacking in Wikipedia. Knol is like the QuarterWiki and the One Buck Wiki with each page having one author and ability to monetize their pages.

Knol pages will be made available for indexing by search engines, Google announced, including appearing in Google search itself. Knol can allow ads to appear alongside the content and Google will be getting a share of the profits also. Other users will be allowed to rate, edit or comment on the articles.

I encourage you to try out the new Knol Project if you do get an invitation and when they launch, I strongly suggest you take advantage of Google’s offer of revenue sharing. (In case you can’t get an invitation and while you wait, you can take advantage of 100% revenue stream on the QuarterWiki, One Buck Wiki, or the Five Dollar Wiki)


StarofDavid said...

Thanks for your input on knol.
Interesting picture--Google. Even got my attention.

Anonymous said...

woah...i was just gunna look up a book and woah i just saw that like BAM!so fckin hott!

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