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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Earn Unlimited $25 Visa Cash Cards!

Earn Unlimited $25 Visa Cash Cards!Get a $25 Visa cash card for each referral that signs up as a Direct Energy customer. If you believe in helping your readers and believe that Direct Energy can help your readers fight back against government utility monopolies, then take every opportunity to introduce Direct Energy's "Refer-a-Friend" promotion to any one who lives in New York, Ohio or Michigan.

Direct Energy offers a competitive rate on their home energy supply - at a discounted rate to protect customers from price increases.

Four steps to unlimited earning potential:

1. Become an affiliate
Simple and fast. Information is kept private on a secure site. It's FREE. It's unlimited earning potential.

2. Get your code
Get a special link code unique to you to guarantee payment. Refer friends and ean money

3. Start promoting
Promote everywhere and to everyone you know. Promote often. It's the perfect way to earn extra $$

4. Get paid!
Get unlimited $25 Visa Cash Cards for everyone you refer and enrolls as a paying customer in New York, Ohio and Michigan!

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