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Friday, December 14, 2007

Monetized GPS system with AdSense enabled Google Earth

Monetized GPS system with AdSense enabled Google Earth
GPS (Global Positioning System) is regarded as one of the greatest innovation that man has come up with in our century and it has brought efficiency and effectiveness in several industries in latest years. GPS tracking technology is a navigational system that lets you track the location, speed and course of the GPS receiving device.

An error-free, easy to use and fast real time GPS tracking system is a must for service and trucking companies, sales forces and delivery companies, because these factors will directly affect the ultimate profit of the company.

GPS Insight vehicle tracking system is an excellent hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product. The company is the leader of GPS tracking field, providing to its clients many vital features for success in their businesses.
In brief, the software has the ability to detect and track the exact locations of thousands of vehicles in a very detailed map with 2 minutes updates using satellites. For this task, the system uses the AT&T/T-Mobile networks.

Monetized GPS system with AdSense enabled Google Earth
The software ships with many useful and vital reporting tools. You can calculate the most efficient destination routes, fuel usage to increase your profitability and not-working times of the vehicles of your fleet to escape from extra labor payments when drivers are not really going anywhere and the speed of the vehicles to determine safety violations for insurance purposes.

Examine the list of the features to understand why this is absolutely necessary.

The program has Google Earth Support perfectly suiting to latest technologies by giving support for reports with 3-D mapping.

You can keep track of 90 days of activity history, so it is even possible to make data mining analysis for business processing improvements to make better work flow based on the data.

The GPS Insight website has many detailed demos and tutorials that explain about the benefits clearly before you buy.

They provide 30 day money back guarantee, and free trials for qualified companies are also possible. They will not bind you with long contracts as another advantage to the buyer. Their tracking devices install just in minutes, and ship the same day your order is received. Begin fleet tracking in days, not weeks or months.

Very detailed and comprehensive GPS Insight support wiki for customers and Blog for GPS vehicle tracking are also provided. This makes the platform is a very valuable source where sharing the knowledge rewarded.

GPS Insight will cost you $1.50-2 per day per vehicle and it is actually a nice rate when we look at the benefits it brings to us.

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